Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Liz Linden

Untitled, 2002

Lost Time, 2005, Digital C Print, Ink and Pencil, 29" x 26"

Struck by a note that she once found on the street that read in part, “MUST TAKE MEDS”, Liz began collecting other discarded items that seemed of significance for the previous owner. A working smoke detector, matches with a phone number, a parking ticket, and other items were then placed in a box of her own making and it became Untitled, 2002.

In the more recent piece from 2005, Lost Time, she calculated the amount of time that she wasted in the months prior to an exhibition. Time spent doing anything ‘non-productive’ was converted to a pie chart, each day’s result replacing their respective dates on the calendar.

Liz continues to explore various aspects of reclamation and documentation, using neon, found photographs, text and numerous other modes. You can see these works at the Buia Gallery.


  1. It is so nice to see some of Liz's older work. Went to the Buia website too. I really love the Letitia Casta painting, it's genius.

  2. Hi everyone who reads this,

    Well I'm Liz's little cousin from oregon, and I'm just proud as hell of her! You are awesome Liz, I'm stoked one of our generation got the art talent. (love the non-sequitur sign..)