Saturday, August 30, 2008

John Jerome O'Connor

Itchy Face (1), 2008, 13" x 9", colored pencil on photograph

Terror, 2002, 4 x 3", acrylic and ink on newspaper

Random Map, 1999, 52" x 96", graphite, colored pencil, ink, gesso on paper

Nostradamus, 2005, graphite and colored pencil on paper, 53" x 83"

John Gacy 1 & 2
, 2006, collage, 9" x 9"
all images courtesy Pierogi, Brooklyn

I have been a big fan of John O’Connor’s work for a while, especially seeing them in the Greater New York 2005 context. He was gracious enough to let me post some of his earlier works that haven’t seen too much light of day. I should have the chance to catch up with him in the future and discuss some of the works.

His third solo show at Pierogi opens September 5...

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