Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Call & Response: Mary Lum

Mary Lum, Genial, 2007, silkscreen, acrylic, ink, found wrappers, glacine, 17' x 25'

Gianna Commito recently did an interview with an Ohio newspaper about Call & Response. About Lum's Genial, which is based on a collection of French orange wrappers, she states, ''Mary's a collector, and sometimes the things she collects make their way into her art work and sometimes they don't. She eventually realized that there was something inherent in the quality of the wrappings that couldn't be improved upon, so they are as she found them.'' More of that article here.

Call & Response
, curated by Gianna Commito, is up now at Kent State University and closes Nov. 21. Photos by Jaime Keiter.

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