Sunday, February 8, 2009

Make it last

Stephen Davis, untitled, 2002, approx. 16" x 12"

Jaime Gecker, Broken Water, 2009, 24" x 20"

Jaime Gecker, Blank, 2008, 20" x 15-1/2"; Ned Colclough, untitled, 2009

Stephen Davis, untitled, 2007, 58" x 58"

Ned Colclough, untitled, 2009

Thanks to everyone who came out for Make it last...probably the best time had in 718 Dry Clean. I hope to do it again...Many more pics on Flickr.

For more info on the artists: Ned Colclough, Stephen Davis, and Jaime Gecker.


  1. looks so awesome! truly sorry we missed yet another stellar event.

  2. good show. "broken water" is awesome.

  3. that was a great show and a cool event! Hooray!

  4. looks great... wish i was able to come. is it still up or was it one-night only?

  5. thanks martin. unfortunately it was only up for that night...