Friday, April 24, 2009

Upcoming One Night Shows

There are a few one night shows coming up that I'm really looking forward to (one of which is my own). They include many of my favorite artists...some of which have appeared on this blog. Click their names for the link to related posts.

April 26
Apartment Show, Far Out
Patrick Brennan, Elizabeth Deasy, Alicia Gibson, Christina Leung, Nolan Simon.

May 1 (...actually runs through the weekend)
HKJB, Personal Abstraction
Judith Braun , Chong Chu, Michael Dopp , Jay Henderson, Elizabeth Hirsch, Shawn Kuruneru, Benjamin King, Osamu Kobayashi, Denise Kupfershmidt, Jim Lee, Chris Martin, Craig Olson, Stephen Westfall, Wendy White

May 3
Use Your Illusion
curated by Jesse Hamerman w/ Sherri Caudell Brennan, Patrick Brennan, Ned Colclough, Jesse Hamerman, J.D.Walsh

May 9
My upcoming show. Also see Daily Operation and artist's links for more.

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