Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some Things

The Living and The Dead @ Gavin Brown's Enterprise, install shot
courtesy Gavin Brown's Enterprise, New York

Opening this weekend:
-Sam Gibbons @ the New Britain Museum of American Art
-Rubber Sheets @ C.R.E.A.M. w/Joianne Bittle, Alejandro Cesarco, Orly Cogan, Paul Jacobsen, Luisa Kazanas, Nina Katchadourian, Matt Keegan, Dan Mikesell, and Ian Pedigo

Closing this weekend:

-Brooklyn Queens @ Journal Gallery

Closing next weekend:
-The Living and The Dead
@ Gavin Brown's Enterprise w/Pat Berran, Lizzi Bougatsos, Gianna Commito, George Condo, Urs Fischer, Jaime Gecker, Jonathan Horowitz, Jacqueline Humphries, Justin Matherly, Kenny Komer, Scott Olson, Rob Pruitt, Boris Rasin, Haim Steinbach, Spencer Sweeney, and many others…more pics at 16 Miles and Anaba
-Human Arrangement @ Rachel Uffner Gallery, curated by Roger White

Other stuff:
-pics from HKJB's Bad Graphic Design. more pics @ KCLOG
-Wendy White interviewed by Qi Peng in the Salt Lake City Examiner

-Will Oldham curates in Philly
-Thomas Kinkade, with a soul patch, paints Las Vegas (sort of)

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