Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soft and Loud

Jaya Howey, Stacy Fisher, Stacy Fisher

Jaya Howey, Happy Hardcore

Stacy Fisher, Black and White Objects, 2009, plaster, wood, chain, paint, 26" x 33" x 15"

J.D. Walsh, Jaya Howey

J.D. Walsh, recordplayer 2, 2010, HD video projection

Jaya Howey, It's Not Like You're Dating The Guy From Amon Düül II Or Something, oil on jutte, 2009

J.D. Walsh, Stacy Fisher, Stacy Fisher

Stacy Fisher, Speckled Sculpture on Wood, 2009, plaster, wood, metal, chain, paint, 13" x 48" x 13"

Soft and Loud was the ninth Daily Operation show and featured recent work by Stacy Fisher, Jaya Howey, and J.D. Walsh. It was held from Jan. 29-31. Thanks to all who came out and those who helped out with the show!

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  1. great show! out of sight post!