Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mr. Please Please

One of my faves of the year...The James Brown Collection at Christie's.

Banner, A yellow and red silk banner embroidered Mr. Please Please. 24½x50in.
Jesus Statue, A painted stone statue of Jesus. 26in.
Miniature Keyboard, A Casiotone Miniature Keyboard, canvas carrying case. 16in.
Peacock Wall Plaque, A cedar wood wall plaque, 33x60in.
Cigarette Case, A green and gold-plated cigarette case with James engraved on the front, and Brown on the back. 5in.
GFOS Pendant, A gold GFOS pendant. 2in.
Owl Pendant, A carved stone owl pendant attached to a leather necklace.
Muslin Sculpture, A muslin soft sculpture formed as a palm tree. 84in.
Leather Vest, A red leather vest with yellow pockets and rainbow colored wool on the collar, sleeves and bottom.
Painting, A hand-painted canvas, signed RCM. 14x18in.
© Christie's Images Limited [2008]

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