Monday, May 11, 2009

Central & Remote (pt. 1)

Floor: Liz-N-Val Blue/Art Systems/Computer/Cool, Tim Clifford Symptom Wall: Jesse Farber You/It, Mike Hein Untitled, Tim Clifford Objective, Lance Rutledge Those Among Us, Carrie Pollack Lucid, Farber You/It

Inna Babaeva, Persnickety

Inna Babaeva Thriftier

Mike Hein Untitled

Mike Hein Untitled (0ther side), Liz-N-Val Future Archeology/Lamp, Revolution/Crumpled

Liz-N-Val Revolution/Crumpled, Rachel Hayes, Jasmine Justice (background)

Rachel Hayes Jank Totems


Rachel Hayes Jank Totems (details)
LinkCentral & Remote was a one night show on May 9 in an artist's studio in Long Island City. Thanks so much to all who participated and came was a lot of fun.

Artists included: Inna Babaeva, Tim Clifford, Jesse Farber, Rachel Hayes, Mike Hein, Jasmine Justice, Donna Levinstone, Liz-N-Val, Carrie Pollack, Lance Rutledge. Stay tuned for more from Daily Operation and part 2 of Central & Remote. Also see my labels for other posts on these artists.


  1. James E.May 13, 2009

    Looks like it went well. wish we could have been there. Look forward to hearing more about it!

  2. I love love love the Rachel Hayes piece.