Thursday, May 14, 2009

Central & Remote (pt. 2)

Mike Hein Untitled

Liz-N-Val Blue/Art Systems/Computer/Cool

Tim Clifford Objective, Lance Rutledge Those Among Us

Jesse Farber You/It, Lance Rutledge Rare Collections
, Carrie Pollack One

Carrie Pollack Lucid

Jesse Farber You/It

Liz-N-Val Infinity, Walk
Rachel Hayes, Jasmine Justice 70's Secretion Part 2 (Slumping Sunrise)

Donna Levinstone Untitled

Central & Remote
was a one night show on May 9 in an artist's studio in Long Island City.

Artists included: Inna Babaeva, Tim Clifford, Jesse Farber, Rachel Hayes, Mike Hein, Jasmine Justice, Donna Levinstone, Liz-N-Val, Carrie Pollack, Lance Rutledge. Stay tuned for more from Daily Operation and see part 1 of Central & Remote. Also see my labels for other posts on these artists.


  1. I especially love the large jasmine justice and carrie pollack paintings..

  2. This looks like such a goood show. so sorry I missed it. next time for sure

  3. looks so good... i liek it all but especially love the liz-n-vals and rachel's piece... the levinstone looks great over that door. rachel was in art basel: stuffy's!!!