Friday, September 18, 2009


Inna Babaeva, In Deed, 2009

I WANNA BE SOMEWHERE was a Daily Operation that took place on on September 16. There were a lot of artists in the show so I'll split it up into a few posts. Here is the first group of photos and the "press release" below. Thanks to all who came out and participated!

For "I WANNA BE SOMEWHERE," each artist has created their own version of a diorama using the title as a jumping off point. To varying degrees, the artists attempted to marry the diorama format with their way of working. Beyond a size constraint, there were no rules about how traditional the works end up or the supports, materials, shapes, etc. used.
Elisa Lendvay, Manifold (, 2009

Elizabeth Blomster, Getting Down to Brass Tacks, 2009

Jesse Hamerman, Living Room Antenna Shelf, 2009

Jaime Gecker, Blaise-o, 2009

Martha Clippinger, Vortex, 2009

Sue Havens, Trees and Dots, 2009

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  1. michael mahnkeSeptember 18, 2009

    a beautiful and diverse show. interestingly curated as well. good job.