Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Things

Mike Hein, Rabbit Rock

Opening tonight! Fervor @ Edward Thorp Gallery w/ Trudy Benson, Sebastian Dacey, Neil Farber, Mike Hein, Simone Shubuk

This Saturday! must see open studios in Greenpoint: Patrick Brennan and Carrie Pollack, Stacy Fisher

Up now: J.J. Garfinkel, Matthew Day Jackson, and more in Scarlet Fever @ Hogar Collection

Great painters and their blogs: Jaya Howey and Gianna Commito

More pics of Sara Greenberger Rafferty show @ 16 Miles

Eric Sall and Rachel Hayes @ Dolphin Gallery in Kansas City

I Wanna Be Somewhere on Daily Operation and KCLOG

Better than Christie's: Engineers Office Gallery
Calls for Artists: The Dirty Dirty and C-Monster

ABCyz needs you

Between Two Ferns

1 comment:

  1. that rabbit rock is so weird, i will definitely go to that show and hogar next week. what else is going on mon-sun? i'm looking for things to do.