Monday, October 26, 2009

P. Shrinermacher

Daily Operation participated in ABCyz 2009 and featured the work of P. Shrinermacher. The show will be open by appointment until Nov. 7. ABCyz is a collaborative art exhibition of NYC-based contemporary art collectives, curatorial groups and art publishers, each of which was formed in the last four years. A group show of group shows, ABCyz is a salon-style exhibition of independent out-of-pocket exhibitions, recession-style creative processes and guerilla promotions.

In the late 80s and early 90s, artist Lance Rutledge sent anonymous letters, paintings, and art objects to various NY gallerists. Yours, P. Shrinermacher centered around the works that Rutledge sent to dealers Pat Hearn and Colin de Land under the P. Shrinermacher moniker. See more Lance Rutledge here. There was also an opening night reading by Erik den Breejen. See an except of that below.

For a little background, I asked Lance to describe the impetus behind this experiment:

During a five-year period between 1989 and 1994 I sent a long series of letters and "sign" paintings, as well as various other artifacts to both Colin de Land and Pat Hearn under the pseudonym, P. Shrinermacher. In an earlier period I had been an artist of American Fine Art Gallery. Through the grapevine I learned that they quite enjoyed receiving the letters. At the end of that five-year stretch, I unintentionally revealed my identity to Colin, at which point the letters stopped. I was a touch sad that my correspondence had come to an end & he was quite surprised that I was the person behind this fictitious character. I never thought that I would be the one to reveal my identity. But in retrospect it might have been appropriate. L.R. 2009


  1. Sweet post and show! Love the details of the letters.

  2. like this project a lot!

  3. I knew P. Shrinermacher. P Shrinermacher was a friend of mine. So believe me, you're no P.Shrinermacher.