Thursday, October 1, 2009

Studio: Stacy Fisher

Some recent works by Stacy Fisher. Also see my previous post/interview with her here and her website here.


  1. nice work.I just read the interview from last year and really enjoyed it.

  2. i look forward to reading the interview but that hasn't stopped me from running off my mouth before.
    It is interesting how painting appears as sculpture and among sculpture, and although many people find the distinction limiting or irrelevant, part of the power of this work comes from its proximity to that distinction.
    if that makes sense.

  3. i know what you mean. not sure how much the distinction between the two means, but i think that is what i have always found exciting in her awkward movement between the two. a little connection with franz west, urs fischer, etc.

  4. really like that speckled bolted piece at heskin and the stuff she had in the park show. hey i saw all the mike hein work at thorpe and am now sold on mike hein.